Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a dog owner, will I ever get charged for using K9Nation?

    Absolutely not! Whether you join our community via the App or via our website you’ll never have to pay to use K9Nation and we will never ask you for payment details. We wanted to create a free resource tool to help all dog owners in the UK to get access to helpful resources and find out about dog related product and services in our dog loving country.

  2. Are the details about my dog and I safe?

    Of course. At K9Nation we know that your dogs are incredibly valuable, both in their place as part of your family and also in terms of monetary value and sadly there are some bad people out there who choose to steal dogs. Not everyone wants to use K9Nation to find friends and other dogs to walk/play with and simply want to use it to find great walks or services. If you want your profile to stay private simply go into your profile settings and set your ‘Private Profile’ setting to ‘Yes’.

  3. Can I register more than one dog?

    You can add as many dog’s profiles as you like. Simply go to your profile settings and go to the ‘Dogs’ section to the right hand side of the screen and ‘create new’

  4. Does K9Nation recommend one product or service over another?

    No definitely not. K9Nation remains completely impartial about the services and products on our site. The reviews and paw ratings are driven by members of the community.

  5. Can I add my favourite walk to the site for others to see?

    We would love you to add your favourite walks to the site for other community members to see. Go to ‘Walks’ section of the site and click on ‘create walk’. Be sure to fill out all the information about the name of the walk, the post code so others can find it on the search tool and what facilities there are e.g. toilets, picnic areas. Once you have filled out all the information press ’save’ and it will come to our admin team for approval.

  6. What kind of products and services can i find on K9Nation?

    There is a wide range of products and services you can find on the site some of which are listed below:

    • Behaviourists
    • Boarding & Day Care
    • Breeders
    • Cafes
    • Charities/Adoption
    • Clothing & Accessories
    • Dog Walkers
    • Food
    • Funeral & Cremation
    • Groomers
    • Hotels
    • Pet Insurance
    • Pet Photographer/ Artist
    • Pet Shops
    • Pubs
    • Rehabilitation
    • Training & Fitness
    • Travel Products
    • Vets
    • Other