About Us

Meet Buddy the inspiration for K9Nation.

He is a 4 year old cockapoo that came into my life at 8 weeks old back in November 2015. I got him as a single puppy mum, having had family dogs as a child. I had wanted my own dog for a long time and did all my research, planned everything out and thought I had everything prepared. Little did I know the journey I would go through with him over the next 3 years.

Having a new puppy is hard work and can feel overwhelming at times. I was lucky that I had a good support network and people to go to for advice but at times it was still tough. Simple things like where do I find a good local dog walker or groomer that I can trust? Where can I go for walks? It can be a minefield out there. I thought wouldn't it be great to have a handy on the go app or website that I can access from anywhere in the UK that will give me the type of information I need as a dog owner.

I wanted to create a free social platform where like-minded owners could meet, chat and share their knowledge with each other. Nowadays we all use the internet to check impartial reviews of products and places and I wanted to be able to give dog owners in the UK the same resources, along with some extra features thrown in for good measure.

I have a passion for dogs and a vision for helping other dog owners enjoy the time they have with four legged friends.

I look forward to watching the site grow and develop over time and hope you enjoy using it!

For more info feel free to take a look at our You Tube Video.